Charlotte Shag Lessons: Instructor Bio's


How Did We End Up Here?!?

The "About Us" section will give you some insight on the backgrounds of Steve and Nikki. Both with different paths to becoming Shag Champions and top Instructors in the Charlotte area for Charlotte Shag Lessons!!


Steve Balok

Steve started his Shag dance career in his late 20's. Learning the basic from his great friend and early mentor Geoff Burdick.  Geoff  (a former National Champion) taught Steve all of the fundamentals that would go on to  create a strong foundation as Steve progressed to later study with National Champ Alan Stokes and Pro dancer Scott Campbell. Steve started his competition career in 2013 in the Amateur division with partner Krystal Bravo. In 2014 Steve would compete in his first National Shag Dance Championship with partner Ashley Sheerin. Finishing 3rd in the Non-Pro Division.  Steve's competition career took off during the 2015 season going undefeated in all contests. Teaming up with current partner Jada Bannen, Steve and Jada would become 2015 NP National Champions and 2015 NP Grand National Champions on their way to winning out the rest of the season. Steve and Jada are now two of the top National Pro Shag dancers on the competitive circuit. Steve has been teaching Shag all over the East Coast for the last 5 years. Teaming with Co-Instructor Nikki Kontoulas, the couple have hit the right formula for an informative, exciting and all around fun class. Steve and Nikki give the tools, tips and tricks of the Pro's to make learning the Carolina Shag easy!!


Nikki Kontoulas

Nikki Kontoulas was exposed to the Shag at the early age of 4 at Bushes Club in Greensboro NC. Her mother taught her the basic at the age of 10 at that time she made her first trip to Ducks at North Myrtle Beach. With the assistance of Dan Jackson, Betsy Pritchard and Hall of Famer's Susie Beaver, Sharon Phillips and Phil Pritchard, Nikki became a competitive dancer at the age of 12 and has never stopped. A Non-Pro Champion in 2002, Pro Champion and Overall National Shag Champion in 2005; she has competed on several Shag teams including the National Shag Dance Team for 7 years;serving as co-captain in 2005-2006 and captain along with her dance pertner Jeff Hargett for 2006-2007. Nikki has countless awards to complement all of the years of hard work and dedication to Shag. Nikki currently teaches all over the world and is widely considered  to be the best female Shag dancer to date! Now teaming with Co-Instructor Steve Balok; Nikki and Steve have created a fun and exciting way to learn the Carolina Shag.